The Effectiveness Of Infeed Video Ads In TikTok

Like every other social platform, TikTok gains profit by selling ads to businesses that are aspiring to reach a massive audience. “In-Feed Ad” is a familiar type of video ad in TikTok, reflecting Facebook or Instagram story ads. The In-feed ads are played in between the organic content on the user’s “For You” page and the customized home page in TikTok. For marketers struggling with their TikTok journey, In-feed ads are an incredible option to begin and proceed with a small budget and to buy TikTok likes. These ads are an essential tool for performance businesses as it enables them with direct links for app stores and landing pages. While traditional platforms are lagging in reaching young audiences, TikTok effectively reached Gen Z audiences.

ByteDance is taking all possible efforts to benefit from user-generated content in TikTok, posted by millions of people on the platform. TikTok provides a trending appeal with the users’ challenges that encourage people to coordinate on developing original content. The collaborative feature makes TikTok more attractive than TikTok consistently works towards ensuring brand security, which is a crucial aspect of any social media platform that works with user-generated content. The Infeed videos run up to sixty seconds and assists with several calls to options such as app installs and clicks. The brands can also utilize options for ad placements such as “Detail Page,” “In-Feed,” “Story,” and “Post Roll.” These campaigns are best suitable for small businesses with limited marketing budgets. The minimum budget for TikTok ads is fifty dollars, and that for a campaign is five hundred dollars. 

Tiktok has also recently introduced “TikTok For Business” to help brands advertise on the platform. It also consists of an e-learning center where the marketers can get to know more about the platform and its advertising features. Though most of the trending advertising campaigns are run by big brands with huge marketing budgets, still small businesses can experiment with TikTok ads. Before beginning with TikTok advertising, brands need to make sure if it makes sense for their company. TikTok is a perfect fit for brands that concentrate more and millennials and GenZ users. Around forty-one percent of the TikTok users are younger demographic, and the platform offers various types of ad formats.

There are several methods to buy in-feed ads, including reservation with the brand’s sales team and self-service ad platform in TikTok. TikTok’s pricing is comparatively better than other social platforms. Still, the prices are steadily increasing as brands are intruding on the platform. Best practices for impactful In-feed ads are:  

Do Not Reuse Content From Other Social Platforms

Many of the brands repost their captivating Snapchat or Instagram story as their ad creatives in TikTok. The other social platforms may have entirely different storytelling norms and visual aesthetics, so the content may feel out of track in TikTok. It is no wonder that the repurposed ad content does not perform well in TikTok. The best way for an impactful TikTok ad is to be a native work of the platform.

Creativity Aligned With TikTok Style

The polished and sophisticated creatives that perform excellently on YouTube or Instagram could be a misfit for TikTok. Therefore brands must follow best practices to produce native TikTok videos. The great ads adhere to the style of storytelling in TikTok. Also, they smartly include appropriate sounds and music, thereby taking advantage of viral trends.

Utilizing The Support Of Influencers

Hiring famous influencers in TikTok is a strategy businesses are executing to provide a native feel to their TikTok ad. Successful influencers support brands so that the ad appears organic to the audience in the platform and thereby gathering more engagement. Influencers can also incorporate their perspective from TikTok trends that integrate a suitable way to meet the campaign objective. TikTok has also introduced its Creator Marketplace, which provides a good start for brands to collaborate with the influencers.

TikTok is recently testing with an advanced ad product, a kind of paid video ad that drives users to the marketer’s website. The test began in a U.S TikTok application, where a video titled “Sponsored” was displayed in the main feed and with a “Learn More” icon that prompts to gather information by tapping on the button.